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We are the only law firm on the North Coast with offices in both Eureka and Arcata

We Are Local Attorneys Providing Excellence In Our Community for Over 20 years

Social Security Disability

Estate Planning, Revocable Living Trusts, Wills, Conservatorships

Probate, Trust Administration

Social Security Disability

Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Foreclosure Defense

Credit Reporting Errors, Fair Debt Collection Act violations

Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

Our primary areas of law are Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, Social Security Disability, Bankruptcy and Personal Injury.  We can also help you to find the right attorney to represent you  if something comes up that it outside of our area of practice.  Whatever the problem, we can help.

Our Social Security Disability services include assistance with the initial application, the request for reconsideration and appeals.  We help at every level of the disability process

Our Estate Planning services include pre-planning with Wills, Trusts and Family Businesses, Trust Amendments and Probate and Trust Accounting services

Our Bankruptcy Services include pre-bankruptcy planning, debt settlement, judgment-proof services and all aspects of bankruptcy.  We can often help you to avoid bankruptcy

We are local attorneys providing services in our community since 1989.  We can help.
Social Security Disability Estate Planning Estate Planning


Social Security Disability

Estate Planning